Mojo Hi5 Power Bank Case for iPhone 5

Mojo Hi5 Power Bank Case for iPhone 5

Hi5 is the perfect, ingenious power bank solution that is designed for iPhone 5 in mind. Inspired by iPhone 5 minimalist design, we created the thinnest possible power bank with a top grade aluminium unibody enclosure that can be attached to the back of the iPhone 5 effortlessly. With the first class finishing and form factor, Hi5 snaps on beautifully, complementing the great looking and gorgeous iPhone 5. The built-in 2500 mAh battery power easily doubles your mobile usage, leaving you some extra for emergencies.

Slim minimalist, detachable unibody aluminium design.

Detachable Design: Attached via a Protective Snap-On iPhone 5 Case.
Pass Through Charging Support: Charge both the power bank and iPhone 5 at the same time.
Fast Charge: Halves the charging time of your iPhone 5 compared to a standard 500 mA USB power output.

Versatile: Can charge other mobile devices that are powered by USB.
Intelligent Power Management: Over-Charge, Over-Current and Short Circuit Protection.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Mojo Hi5 be compatible with iPhone 5?
Definitely Yes. The slim Mojo Hi5 is designed to snap on to the iPhone 5 perfectly and securely.

How does the Mojo Hi5 power bank case charge the iPhone 5?
There are TWO options.

First, you can use your OWN USB lightning cable to charge the iPhone 5. OR secondly, you can purchase the Apple Micro USB Lighting adapter and use it with the included FLEX micro USB cable to charge the iPhone 5 too.

It will take approximately 2 hours to charge your depleted iPhone 5 to full battery level.

How do you recharge the Mojo Hi5 Power Bank?
You can simply charge the Mojo Hi5 using the included Micro-USB cable via any USB powered port. It will take approximately 5 hours to fully charge the Mojo Hi5 Power Bank.

Can I charge both the Mojo Hi5 and the iPhone 5 simultaneously?
Yes you can. The charging sequence will be the iPhone 5 first followed by the Mojo Hi5. Total time taken will be about 7 hours.

Can I use Mojo Hi5 to charge other mobile devices?
Yes you can. The Mojo Hi5 is a universal power bank that is designed for iPhone 5 in mind but it can be used to charge other mobile devices as well. The 2500 mAh built in battery capacity on the Mojo Hi5 have the power to fully charge most mobile devices which is rated 2100 mAh and below, leaving you some juice for emergency use.

How much power can I get from the Mojo Hi5?
The Mojo Hi5 features a 2500mah battery cell in an anodised aluminium enclosure which provides more than 100% power to your iPhone 5 and most other mobile devices. You will enjoy DOUBLE the usage time than what you used to from your mobile devices.

Can I purchase snap-on case separately without the Mojo Hi5 battery?
Yes, the snap-on cases will be available for sale through our website as well. Bear in mind we include TWO snap on cases for your iPhone 5.


Input : 5V DC, 500 mA
Output : 5V DC, 1A
Battery Capacity : 2500 mAh Li-Ion
Battery Charging Time : ~ 5 hours
Battery Life Cycle : 500


Power Bank
Length x Width x Depth : 125.7 x 60.4 x 18.2 mm
Weight : 76.5 g
Protective Case
Weight : 18.8 g


Mojo Hi5 Power Bank 2500 mAh
One Slim Snap-On iPhone 5 Case - Glossy White
One Slim Snap-On iPhone 5 Case - Matte Black
One 3 feet Micro USB Charge Cable
One Flexible 4 inch Micro USB Charge Cable
One Velcro Strap for Cable Management
User Manual
* Apple USB Lightning Cable is NOT INCLUDED


1 Year Limited International Warranty