ibattz Umbrella 89G

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The ibattz 89G Umbrella is a super lightweight 89 grams umbrella made of aluminum and carbon fiber frame, with waterproof pongee fabric. The model with SPF 50+ UV protection coating weighs 122 grams.

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How light is 89 grams?

That’s about half the weight of iPhone X.
Note that with SPF 50+ UV protection coating the umbrella weights 122 grams

What’s the use of a super lightweight umbrella?

  • For frequent traveler, put one in your bag and you’ll never have to look for an umbrella when you need it.
  • Ideal for kids to carry.
  • Use as protection from scorching sun in the summer.

What makes this umbrella so special?

  • Carbon fiber and aluminum frame for lightweight, flexibility, and rigidness.

  • Umbrella this light is extremely hard to find.
  • Waterproof coating – easy to dry

Product Specifications

  • 3-fold design
  • Pongee fabric with waterproof and SPF 50+ UV protection coating
  • Aluminum shaft
  • Aluminum and carbon fiber frame
  • Handle: rubber coated plastic
  • Color: Black & Dark Blue


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